An Idea Revolution

“Wait, I have an idea!” In many ways, this phrase has shaped the world we live in today. In fact, it still is shaping our culture, habitat, and even our own lives. Ideas are the most powerful tool in man’s possession, but how are we using them? The question really should be: Are we using them?


Tonight, our family had a discussion on complacency, based off of Zephaniah 1:12-13. This got me starting to think . . . in what areas am I living in complacency? Then it struck me. Am I using the ideas and talents that God has given me to their full capacity? I mean, think about it. The Holocaust ultimately began at the university level. Years before Adolf Hitler rose to power, ideas of social Darwinism (the survival of the fittest among human beings) were being generated by professors amongst the university students. Through the years, these ideas escalated into ideas of racial superiority and thus began the Holocaust. Ideas have power.  But are we using them?


Our generation has abandoned the search for truth. Not only have we fallen into a state of physical complacency, but we have sunk into a state of mental complacency as well. We would prefer to live a life of indifference, dare-I-say laziness, over pursuing what is right, true, good, and noble. We are content with accepting what our peers, teachers, government and media feed us, without really evaluating the content. We are allowing our minds to be molded and shaped without a second thought as to who is molding and who is shaping them. For example, over 75% of kids in America don’t believe that a homosexual lifestyle is wrong, however when my parents were kids, nearly 95% of the children would have said homosexuality wasn’t right. Why the change? This generation has allowed ideas of tolerance, co-existence, and “no discrimination” to infiltrate their lives, decisions, and actions. The media endorses the gay agenda, the government has nearly legalized the gay agenda, the schools are favoring the gay agenda, and our culture accepts the gay agenda. But why? The homosexual community is an approximate 2% minority. However, we have accepted the idea of relativism. Everyone can believe what they choose and no one will be offended. This is the power of an idea. This idea of relativism is shaping our culture today. It is radically changing the morals of our country and violating the founding principles of America. Once again, ideas are powerful; are we using them to their full capacity?


But what difference does it make? If we decided to use our ideas, we would be the minority . . . overpowered by the rest of this generation’s complacency. I challenge you, though, to remember the power one man’s idea possesses. The Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage began with one man. The Holocaust began with one man. Evolution began with one man. Abortion began with one man. What makes you any different that that ‘one man?’ You can be the change that this world needs. You can make a stand against the sin this world is addicted to. You can be the light that shines in the darkness. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. We were given a life to live. Why not dedicate it to the search for truth? Towards fighting for what is right and standing up for Christ?


This is the life that Christ has called us to. So, are you ready? Are you ready to take a stand? To take a stand for what is right, worthy, and true? To wholeheartedly pursue the truth? I know I am and I plead with you to join me in this worthy cause. We may be ridiculed, bullied, and hated, but we are representing Christ to godless world. We are a city on a hill that cannot be hidden. Ideas have power. Will you use yours?


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