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And…back to school!

In my mind, my summer is just beginning. Beach days await me. Relaxation and sleep. Cold Starbucks frappes. Having absolutely¬†nothing¬†to do. Welcome to reality! School starts in 4 days. I have to study for my Spanish class and prepare for my math class. On top of that, I need to start SAT prep and finish Drivers’ Ed. The question that has been crossing my mind lately, though, is: How can I be intentional about representing Christ to this godless world? Recently, I’ve been planning ahead for what the rest of my school will look like…finishing High School, going to College, and then going to P.A. School on top of all that. I’m so overwhelmed right now, but I realized that I need to move my focus away from myself and back to Christ. Each day, is a new challenge, but each challenge forces me to my knees; pleading with Jesus to give me strength to face as well as embrace these challenges. The more I focus on Jesus, the more others focused I become. It’s incredible how much peace I’ve received by laying my burdens before the Lord and giving Him the reigns!

But back to my original question: How can I be intentional about representing Christ? I’m headed to Palomar College in 4 days, marking the beginning of my Junior year of High School. Each day, I beg my Heavenly Father to show me how I can tangibly be His representative. So, what are you going to do? If you, too, don’t know, then I would encourage you to seek the Lord fervently. We have been given a mission here on earth: Represent Christ to a godless world. How are you going to fulfill this mission?




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