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To Haiti and Home Again

Hello friends and family! 

I’m back from Haiti safe and sound! Thank you so much for all the prayers that went out for our team. God’s hand was clearly at work in our short time there, impacting the hearts of many. Going into this trip, I sent out a few specific prayer requests. Over those 6 days in Haiti, I watched as God answered every single one of them and then some! So, thank you so much for bathing our team in prayers! He is faithful to answer!


Administering…my favorite…knee injections!

 In short, here’s a few of the many highlights from my trip!

 As a brief background, this trip was a hybrid medical/construction trip with a total of 27 team members flying in from California, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, and Washington to serve together in Haiti. While this had the potential to be chaotic and disjointed, we became a close knit family because Christ was the foundation. The doctors were incredibly patient with me and more than willing to take the time to teach us how to perform procedures and explain the symptoms and diagnoses. Each one of them blessed and inspired me by their love for the Haitians and their passion for medicine. God faithfully answered our prayer for team unity by truly handpicking each member on this team. In just 4 days, we saw over 1000 patients, the construction team completed their “to-do” list halfway through the trip, but most importantly, Christ-centered friendships were formed, which I pray will last a lifetime. We couldn’t have asked for smoother travel, all the bags and team members arrived safely and all the flights were on time.


Papito (orange shirt) and some of his friends

 A huge take-away for me from this trip was trusting God 100%. Being on the medical side of things, I found myself forming the mentality that we could fix anything. Almost immediately, I was confronted with a patient who came in with a tumor on her neck. It had grown into her throat and affected her larynx, making it excruciatingly painful for her to eat or drink. It was so far advanced, that all we could do was give her morphine to alleviate the pain and then take her home to she could spend her last hours with her family. To be honest, I was frustrated that there was nothing we could do for her. But then I remembered the prayer I had prayed that morning: “Lord, show me today what you want me to see, teach me what you want me to learn, grow my faith and make me more like you.” And it was almost as if I could hear the question: “Will you trust Me to take care of My people, because I love them?”  During my time there, I was blessed with the opportunity to spend some time with a man named Roberto. He was born blind and severely deformed. This man truly has faith that will move mountains and he has inspired me to be more like him: wholly dedicated to praising Jesus and spreading His love. Roberto has nothing, yet he gives everything. He showed me what true faith and 100% trust in God looks like lived out on a daily basis.


Roberto: A man of great faith

On the last day we were in Haiti, we went to an orphanage where we spent about an hour playing and cuddling with the kids. When the time came to leave, though, we had to say goodbye and place the babies back into their cribs. The little boy I had been carrying around began to cry uncontrollably and to cling to me even tighter, only calming down when he was back in my arms. I held him close to me and began to pray for him, mainly asking God why this suffering exists. It killed me to pry myself away from him, but as I walked out of the orphanage with tears streaming down my face, Jacques, one of our Haitian translators, asked me if I could trust God to care for these precious orphans, because God loves them far more than I ever could. And once again, I was confronted with the question, “Will you trust Me?” I learned to let go – to hand the reigns over to God, because He is the author and perfector of our faith. He has written the life story of each person and He is faithful to care for, love and cherish each of His children.




For me, the entire week was a giant emotional rollercoaster. It was filled with joy and sadness, laughter and tears. In the end, I went to Haiti to minister to the Haitian people, but instead was ministered to by the Haitians, leaving spiritually encouraged and refreshed. I can’t wait to return and continue to pray daily for Haiti. Please keep praying that God’s incredible work will continue to take place through the local churches and pastors. Thank you so much again for your prayers and support of my trip! I am so blessed to have you in my life!!

Much love and gratitude,




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